Dan Humphrey’s “I can’t believe I’m actually in love with Blair Waldorf” face


Gossip Girl 6x09


Gossip Girl 6x09

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Dan Humphrey 6.05

goodbye, gossip girl ★ seven relationships (1/7)
        dan humphrey & nate archibald.

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goodbye, gossip girl!
dan humphrey: the ultimate insider.”

No I don’t- I don’t want her. I was just observing.


#the only meaningful scene of this episode #cannot for the life of me understand why there’s always one genuine scene per episode so far this season #last week it was dan’s speech. this week it’s nelly yuki #she found out the truth and quit the toxic bubble of the upper east side. that there is something more important than all of that #nd that’s what she tells dan. that they’re losers in that world but winners in the real world #even though dan has everything and the ues has corrupted and disillusioned him like there’s no tomorrow#the sad truth is is that he still wants in #nelly grew up. the rest of them (especially blair) haven’t #it’s almost as if the writers recognise what’s wrong with the show and these characters #and use a voice of reason to address it allowing one brief moment of clarity and meaning #and for one fleeting moment i am tricked into believing that they actually understand the original premise and concept of this show #but then it’s like LOL JK as any potential for coherent storylines and character progression is thrown out the window#instead forgoing it for suckandblah ‘we are together but we can’t be together’ round number 840598 #and chuckles vs. bart feud on who can wear the most amount of purple in one outfit #nd nate as a natefused college-aged editor in chief of a magazine with a ‘surprisingly high’ IQ who doesn’t know the age of his gf #and serena ‘real housewife of orange county’ and/or ‘stranger bitch’ van der woodesen #and last but not least not forgetting blair ‘zero character progression’ waldorf #this show sucks so much omg i can’t

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